Medical sexual health expert Leah Millheiser, M.D., offers tips for physicians of vaginal rejuvenation patients who may request libido boosting recommendations.
Vitamin D supplements are known to reduce the inflammation and swelling associated with sunburn, but a new study from Birmingham University suggests that it may also help with more serious burns.
IPL is not typically a gold-star, stand-alone technology, but it has come a long way, evolving to become stronger, more effective and a patient favorite for photo rejuvenation.
A new turnkey solution allows practices to offer online sales for skin care products without all the work.
Dr. Joel Schlessinger breaks down the three FDA-approved neurotoxins and provides a glimpse into products on the horizon.
Botox and breast augmentation are in while penile enhancement is out, according to recent statistics reported by ISAPS.
Study compares blunt vs sharp needle for postoperative bruising, hematoma and pain when performing upper blepharoplasty.
Does this facelift make me look more ...

Researchers wanted to know if facelifts offer social benefits beyond those of a youthful appearance. This is what they ...

Pain control rx
Feminizing the face
Serotype E botulinum toxin
Botox injections reimagined

Future delivery instrument could change the botulinum toxin injection experience for providers and patients.

Cannabis for skin care?
Navigating the nether regions
Beyond vaginal rejuvenation
Absorbable implant for nasal valve ...

New research shows a polylactic acid copolymer implant is safe and effective for supporting lateral cartilage in patients ...

Blunt needle benefits upper ...
Fat grafting without centrifugation
Addressing the labiomental crease

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