It’s national Stress Awareness month and Dr. Deborah Sandella has 5 tips for how cosmetic surgeons can reduce stress in their life.
Four surgical organizations, one common goal: To advance and promote patient safety in cosmetic medicine.
Characterized by the obsession to gain muscle and lose fat, this form of BDD is on the rise among men.
Dimple creation is a cheeky little cosmetic procedure that's on the rise in the U.K. Learn how they’re doing dimples.
Lipo-Loop: A closed system for ...

Dr. Steven Cohen, in collaboration with Millennium Medical Technologies, has created a closed system for large-volume fat ...

Many faces of the facelift
Rhinoplasty affects upper lip projection
Standard practices for cutaneous surgery
Riding the wave of progress

We believe this change represents both our journalistic ambition to stay on the cutting edge of the profession as well as ...

Taking a closer look at ThermiVa
Vollure: The new 18-month filler
Attractive vs. artificial lips
Fat grafting without centrifugation

New single-unit harvesting and processing system demonstrates faster operating time for large-volume fat transfer.

Addressing the labiomental crease
The Microdroplet Lift
Wrinkles and acne: What device works ...

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