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Taking a closer look at ThermiVa
According to RealSelf ratings, patients think it’s a worthwhile treatment. Two practices share their experience with ThermiVa… and a GYN expert offers a few cautionary tips.
Rejuvenating the eyes? Choose wisely
According to Bahman Guyuron, M.D., when it comes periorbital rejuvenation, techniques may seem similar, but they’re not interchangeable.
The future of fat
With a reported uptick in fat transfer numbers, as well as media attention to dangerous misuses, what kind of future does fat have in the aesthetic industry?
Chemotherapy may harness immune system in bladder Ca
“The immune system may be an under-recognized contributor to the tumor response to chemotherapy,” said researcher Philip H. Abbosh, MD, PhD.
Fluorescent cystoscopy outperforms white light method
A recent study found that compared to white light cystoscopy, fluorescent cystoscopy was linked to a 41% decreased risk of bladder cancer recurrence at less than 3 months.
Standing Out in the Crowd
New data reveals which states have the highest number of plastic surgeons per capita. Do you know how to stand out in the crowd?
Prior authorization: Caught in an administrative nightmare
Among urologists, prior authorization ranks as their second most pressing concern, according to Urology Times’ 2016 State of the Specialty survey. The same survey showed the problem is getting worse, with 86% of respondents reporting that prior authorization demands are increasing.
Trends and truths: Facelifts, fat and Botox
ASPS statistics are in: Facelifts make a come back, the love-hate relationship with fat continues and Botox still reigns supreme.
Sun exposure and skin aging
In a recent survey, only 4.4% of women blamed sun exposure for skin aging, believing stress and kids are bigger culprits.
On point with off-label Botox
Dr. Jonathan Kaplan uses botulinum toxin type A for downturned lips, sweaty palms and plenty more. Are you underutilizing this wonder drug?