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The nose goes global
J. Regan Thomas, M.D. says that surgeons (and patients) are embracing a new, global concept of the “ideal” nose.
Are you overlooking BDD?
Are you overlooking BDD?
Do you routinely screen? Do you collaborate with a mental health professional?
Spacer system maintains QoL at 3 years post RT
Phase III study results suggest that a hydrogel spacer developed to separate the rectum and prostate during radiotherapy for prostate cancer works to maintain bowel and urinary quality of life and reduces late rectal toxicity by 78% at 3 years post radiotherapy.
Testis cancer patients fare poorly under ACA
Since passage of the Affordable Care Act, the number of testicular cancer patients with insurance has dwindled, while rates of advanced testis cancer have climbed, according to a recent study.
Going big with VASER
One surgeon offers a step-by-step guide to large-volume fat transfer with an ultrasonic cannula.
Hypofractionated IMRT outcomes comparable to standard regimen
“We showed that we can safely compress radiation into a shorter time frame, into fewer treatments, at higher dose per fraction, with similar clinical outcomes and similar toxicity profiles,” said researcher Michael Wang, MD.
A new standard of care in muscle-invasive bladder Ca?
Chemoradiotherapy is an effective alternative to cystectomy in the primary management of muscle-invasive bladder cancer, British researchers say.
Lipid metabolism linked to pediatric stone formation
The results could have major diagnostic and treatment implications for pediatric kidney stone patients, a researcher says.
Researchers validate prognostic model for mCRPC
Researchers have developed and validated a clinically useful prognostic model for men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer, which can be used in the front-line setting.
Take charge of your online reputation
Love them or hate them, online reviews are reality and powerful decision-making tools for patients searching for urologists and other physicians online. Managing or mismanaging a doctor’s online reputation can make—even threaten to break—a ­practice.