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Refining the nose with a needle
Refining the nose with a needle
Nonsurgical rhinoplasty may provide instant results without the downtime of surgery, but it’s a technique that requires expertise and a strategic approach.
Lipo 202 for submental fat reduction
After failing phase III trial in 2016, this injectable fat dissolver is back in a proof of concept study for treating the double chin.
AeroForm for soft tissue expansion
Could this new wireless tissue expansion system be a technological leap for breast reconstruction?
Novel bladder Ca agent shows promise in phase II trial
An investigatory bladder cancer agent was associated with a 12-month high-grade recurrence-free survival of 35% for patients with Ta/T1 disease, researchers reported.
Fat grafting without centrifugation
New single-unit harvesting and processing system demonstrates faster operating time for large-volume fat transfer.
Do you do dimples?
Do you do dimples?
Dimple creation is a cheeky little cosmetic procedure that's on the rise in the U.K. Learn how they’re doing dimples.
Liposuction vs Kybella
Dr. Michael P. Morrissette offers a comparison between popular double-chin treatments to help determine the best option for your practice and patients.
The Microdroplet Lift
Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir reveals his patented botulinum toxin delivery method that minimizes brow activity without treating the forehead.
Social media for cosmetic surgeons: What’s hot?
Monique Ramsey sorts out what's hot vs what's hype when it comes to social media and the cosmetic practice.
Addressing the labiomental crease
According to Dr. Sheila Barbarino, filling the deep groove below the lip goes a long way in the overall result for facial rejuvenation.