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The Microdroplet Lift
Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir reveals his patented botulinum toxin delivery method that minimizes brow activity without treating the forehead.
Social media for cosmetic surgeons: What’s hot?
Monique Ramsey sorts out what's hot vs what's hype when it comes to social media and the cosmetic practice.
Addressing the labiomental crease
According to Dr. Sheila Barbarino, filling the deep groove below the lip goes a long way in the overall result for facial rejuvenation.
New technology for post-op recovery
According to Dr. Michael J. Will, a novel “lighted garment” can provide cosmetic surgery patients with a quicker, more comfortable recovery.
Adding new non-surgical devices to your practice
Thinking about adding a new treatment device to your cosmetic practice? Dana Fox offers strategic advice for how you can ensure financial success.
In demand: Nonsurgical fat reduction technologies
Patients want nonsurgical options for fat loss, but which device is best and how do you manage expectations? Dr. Sheila Barbarino advises.
No brow lifts for 'handsome' men
It may run counter to popular opinion, but Dr. Chasby Sacks shares his observation that brow lifts may leave some men less attractive.
Wrinkles and acne: What device works best?
Dr. Robert Troell examines device and post-treatment options and provides a step-by-step skin resurfacing treatment protocol.
BHRT: A match made in anti-aging
Cosmetic surgery and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy address the same issue from different vantage points. Dr. Kevin Light explains why you should consider adding it to your practice.
Cultural variations of the butt lift
Dr. Walter Tom advises considering varying cultural preferences for buttock shapes when planning butt enhancement procedures.