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Cosmetic surgery and social media influence in 2015
Cosmetic surgery and social media influence in 2015
Are patients really feeling the influence of social media on their decisions to have a cosmetic surgery procedure? What you can expect in the New Year.
Photoaging prevention: Pearls for patient compliance
Whether a patient has undergone laser rejuvenation or skin resurfacing to address their sun damaged skin, the most important post-treatment skin care instructions that clinicians can give, say experts, must address sun protection and sun exposure.
Men interested in improving skincare may need help to start the discussion
Addressing male skincare in an office visit may require the dermatologist to make the first move. Men can be hesitant to discuss their concerns, and yet they still comprise a growing segment of patients who want to take good care of their skin, according to Ranella Hirsch, M.D., F.A.A.D.
Agents in nail cosmetics can create dermatitis issues
Patients with repeated dermatitis of the skin surrounding the nail plate might benefit from a refresher course on the chemical agents commonly used to formulate various nail products and possible skin reactions associated with those agents, according to a physician.
Age defying
Discover how to look beautiful at any age. Our experts tell you what to expect and how to improve your looks at each stage of life.
Light intensifier: LED combo treats rosacea erythema
Combining LED therapy with laser or intense pulsed light can effectively treat rosacea and subsequent erythema, an expert says.
Emerging laser technologies: Latest devices sure to 'wow' patients
An expert discusses emerging laser technology for at-home hair removal, fat transfer or facelifts, much of which is still being researched or in early marketing stages.
Psoriasis: New biologics coming closer to market
Newer biologics to treat psoriasis are currently in late stages of development, and promising data from phase 2 and phase 3 clinical trials should give patients reason to hope. The biologics may be available as early as the end of 2008 or during 2009.
Mast cells fight bacteria
Mast cells are not just involved in allergic reactions, theymay provide a defense against bacterial infection, which can cause life-threatening diseases.
UVA1 phototherapy promising for sclerotic, fair skin
According to researchers, phototherapy appears to have promising results in lightly pigmented patients who do not tan easily. Treatment has a better chance for good results if patients present with sclerotic skin disease early on.


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