Michael Rothschild, OD
Dr. Rothschild is the Director of Practice Management at Revolution EHR.
Forecasting your future performance
Like weather forecasting, forecasting in our optometric practices has also come a long way. Today’s software programs have every imaginable piece of data about our practices. But unfortunately, most of us don’t know how to use the data. The problem is there is so much data and information, it is hard to know what to pay attention to.
Patient needs should supersede insurance demands
Almost every eyecare practice has a person, team of people, or outside service whose sole job is to manage problems related to facilitating the relationship between patients and their insurance companies.
The false security of a full schedule
It is not uncommon to hear people talk about the health of their practices by confidently stating how far they are “booked out.” How long it takes for a patient to get an appointment is often a statement of practice wellness.
How to prevent no-shows in your practice
How to prevent no-shows in your practice
No-shows and cancellations are an annoying part of any optometry practice. They are disruptive and costly, but mostly they are rude.
5 zones of your practice that need TLC
True success comes from consistently giving attention to every part of the practice, not focusing all of your attention on one area at a time.
3 steps to staff empowerment
It is not uncommon to hear a doctor or office manager lament that they are so busy, they can’t get anything done. It is all the daily tasks that keep them from planning, looking ahead, or improving. “It just seems like I am always putting out fires,” is a common way to express this frustration.
Stop cheating your patients
Many optometrists are cheating their patients. This cheating comes from a good place—they are trying to help. This very common paradox comes into play when a well-intentioned doctor stops short of making strong recommendations in order to not sound “salesy.”
Why you need a practice mission
In my consulting work with practices, I have found that most of us don’t know if our practice is doing well or not.
5 tips for planning a successful event at your practice
Promotional events are designed to create some sort of focused attention on you and your practice. There are a wide variety of events that can help solidify the brand you are building for your practice.
Recovering from a fire in the optometry practice
Disaster struck on a recent Sunday evening. A tree branch fell on some power lines just above the practice, and the live wires fell onto the building, starting the blaze. I arrived on scene as the firefighters were putting out the blaze.


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