Randy Dotinga
Randy Dotinga is a medical writer based in San Diego, Calif.
Study: Surgery less common for blunt renal trauma
A new study suggests that surgical care for renal trauma cases is evolving in two different directions: Endovascular procedures have become more common for blunt trauma, supplanting nephrectomy and laceration repair.
Survey: Majority of APPs perform advanced procedures
As the United States faces a urologist shortage, physician assistants and nurse practitioners will likely play an increasingly important role in the field of urology. Now, a new survey—the first of its kind—suggests that many of those in these positions are performing advanced procedures despite lacking postgraduate urologic training.
ASPS offers management services
The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has created PS2 Practice Management to handle back-office administration for individual practices and consolidated groups of practices.
Some post-cystectomy symptoms persist for 3 months
New research suggests that post-surgery symptoms may last for at least 3 months in cystectomy patients and worsen over time in some cases, posing unique management challenges for urologists.
MRI, ultrasound detect post-burst wave lithotripsy injury
Researchers who are investigating burst-wave lithotripsy, a potential alternative treatment for kidney stones, report that magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound scans hold promise as tools to help scientists analyze related kidney injuries.
‘Smart’ water bottle may help with stone prevention
Despite the excruciating nature of kidney stones, many people can't manage to lower their risk by simply drinking more liquid. Now, a new study finds that one potential tool—a water bottle with a built-in consumption sensor and smartphone link—accurately tracks how much people drink.
Study: CT urogram leads to costly follow-up imaging
Findings from an initial cost analysis support further research and reconsideration of the role of computed tomography urography for imaging evaluation in patients with asymptomatic microhematuria, according to urologists from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.
Breast implant sizers: Satisfaction or bust
Inquiring minds want to know… do current bras sizing techniques measure up?
The state of hair restoration
Should you add hair transplant procedures to your practice?
Plastic surgeons face high burnout rate
Plastic surgeons face high burnout rate
Only one-third of plastic surgeons report job satisfaction. Learn how you can minimize the risk of professional burnout.


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