John Jesitus
John Jesitus is a medical writer based in Westminster, CO.
Noninvasive contour choices
Choosing technologies for noninvasive body contouring depends on what areas they are approved to treat, the local competition and — where available — the data, say experts.
Cannula use pearls
Choosing between a needle or cannula for filler injections is largely a matter of individual preference, said live-injection experts at The Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC) 2017. For safety and accuracy of filler placement, they chose cannulas for filling the lips, hands and periocular area.
Sirolimus may reduce refractory hemangiomas
mTOR inhibitor helps child with diffuse vascular anomalies and extensive organ involvement.
Vascular anomalies require team approach
Patients with vascular anomalies benefit from multidisciplinary treatment often involving propranolol and/or sirolimus.
Isotretinoin requires caution in acne fulminans
Expert panel offers guidelines for diagnosing and treating acne fulminans and its variants.
Antibiotic resistance in acne: Avoid monotherapy
A recent review supports AAD and EADV calls to limit antibiotic use in acne, and to further study the issue of antimicrobial resistance.
Improve performance
Structure and frequency in the performance review process can create effective two-way discussions. Point out plenty of positives to keep the employee at ease during the review.
OCPs for teen acne: Seek parental consent
Honoring the letter of minor consent laws requires respecting parents' wishes for oral contraceptives prescribed for acne.
EADV touts specific acne quality-of-life tools
EADV experts recommend six quality-of-life measures including the DLQI and Skindex-29 for acne treatment and research.
Data support panfacial aesthetics approach
Data support panfacial aesthetics approach
The HARMONY study puts objective data behind the aesthetic and psychological improvements delivered by a panfacial approach to facial rejuvenation. It’s also the first study to use video analysis, and online photo ratings from a representative sample of Americans, as outcome measures.


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