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    Shaving staves off aging in women's faces

    Newport Beach, Calif. — Edward J. Domanskis, M.D., a plastic surgeon here, advocates a unique way by which women can slow facial aging: by shaving.

    According to Dr. Domanskis, Japanese women maintain their youthful appearance by regularly shaving their faces. He says that shaving results in an exfoliation of dead cells, which removes several layers of skin, causing irritation and consequent skin tightening as well as “plumping” of the remaining cells.

    He says the process of shaving, which is actually similar to derma-planing, constantly rejuvenates cells — which in turn results in a cleaner complexion and slows the aging process.

    Dr. Domanskis adds that shaving also may be one of the reasons why men often tend to show fewer signs of facial aging compared with women.


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