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    Woman's body 'swallows' implant during exercise

    Baltimore — A woman who earlier had undergone a double mastectomy and received breast implants required surgery to retrieve and reposition an implant that had dislodged and repositioned itself in her thorax during an exercise session, according to the New England Journal of Medicine.

    Johns Hopkins University doctors wrote that the 59-year-old woman presented for evaluation and reported that her body “swallowed” one of the implants during a Pilates stretching exercise.

    The woman had recently undergone a minimally invasive heart procedure to repair a mitral valve. The point of entry for the surgery was the existing scar from the right mastectomy. According to a report in Medical News Today, when the patient performed a breathing exercise called a Valsalva maneuver — which involves taking a deep breath and blocking the exit of air as it’s exhaled — the pressure pushed the implant through the space between her ribs. Surgeons say the incision from the heart procedure allowed the implant to move into the body.

    After extracting the implant from the patient’s thorax and repositioning the device properly, surgeons used mesh to close off the area through which the implant had passed.

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    Bill Gillette
    Bill Gillette is a freelance writer based in Richmond Heights, Ohio.


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