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    The latest on PRP

    Dr. RunelsWhen Charles Runels, M.D., the creator of the Vampire Facelift started using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for cosmetic purposes, he was doing what many cosmetic surgeons were doing at the time. He was using it like Juvéderm, and injecting it into the nasolabial folds.

    “I didn’t like that because I like to sculpt out a natural restored look. PRP is aqueous, so, it wasn’t holding the shape,” Dr. Runels says. “But all the patients were coming back saying their faces were glowing from the neovascularization.”

    Dr. Runels, an internal medicine physician, studied the literature on PRP in wound care and decided to try a different approach with his cosmetic patients. He instead used the hyaluronic acid (HA) to act as a scaffold and, immediately after, applied PRP, subdermally — not only to where he had injected the HA, but in other critical areas of the face.

    Dr. DayanPRP is all the rage in cosmetic and other types of surgery, says Chicago-based facial plastic surgeon Steven Dayan, M.D.

    Physicians’ cost is minimal; patients love that it is “all natural”; and one can’t ignore the impressive anecdotal and empirical evidence that it has a magical effect on facial skin, according to Dr. Dayan.

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    Lisette Hilton
    Lisette Hilton, president of Words Come Alive, has written about health care, the science and business of medicine, fitness and wellness ...


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    • Dr. warren seiler
      Great article Dr. Runels! I have been impressed with the results i have been getting with all of these procedures in my practice. Interesting that I used PRP and platelet gel as a surgery resident every week in the wound center over a decade ago and we are just now proving what it can do in our cosmetic practices!
    • Have been using different PRP systems since 2008. All have similar advantages. While most are quite costly per patient use! Self organized systems have a to doctor cost of less than $15 while the one used in this article costs hundreds of $$s. WHY??? A standardized system to collect PRP at a 'fair' price needs to be offered. Any thoughts? Regards
    • PRP is an excellent treatment for facial rejuvenation. Both vampire facelift and vampire facial helps with collagen formation and many other growth factor helps with neovascularization, increasing blood flow to the skin which cause glow on the face. PRP is also an excellent treatment for acne scars. I have seen very good results in my patient who have done almost every treatment but once they were treated with PRP, they have seen very good results. Best of all, PRP is all natural treatment any almost everyone is a candidate for PRP.
    • At Rejuvacare in Port Angeles, Washington we have used a number of different kits to prepare PRP. The easiest and least expensive are the YCell Bio and Dr. PRP kits which cost only about $50 and allow you to customize your PRP for platelet yield and WBC content.We have no commercial interest in either of these companies, but just find their products the most useful.
    • SylviaSilvestri
      I have been using PRP for the past 5 years as well as teach classes in conjunction with Dr Charles Runels on how to use it and apply it in to practices. We are still at the beginning as far as learning how much PRP can do.
    • I use PRP (Regen) in my med spa for vampire procedures and for sexual health as the o-shot and p-shot. I love having something that is 99.9% safe and is 70-90% effective! Especially for women's sexual health, none of the pharmaceuticals can come close to these numbers!! Dr. Lovitt