Revisiting KybellaKybella generated a lot of buzz when it was approved in 2015 as an injectable treatment for double chins. What do physicians have to say about it three years later?
A critical examination of facial expressionWhat happens when facial expressions don’t match up to what people see as “natural”? Meet artist Gary Faigin, The Face Doctor of facial expression.
Understand the trends, better serve patientsASAPS reports that two-thirds of all cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S. are now minimally invasive.
Dermatology journals among the 50 most cited for cosmetic proceduresThe review notes a rise in first authorships among dermatologists. From 2000-2014, dermatologist first authors accounted for 8% of the most often-cited facelift articles and 5% or less of the top blepharoplasty articles. They also accounted for approximately 12% of the top brow lift articles from 2000-2009.
Rethinking facial rejuvenation with fatFillers can be used to make a face more attractive, but Injectable Tissue Replacement with fat can be used not only to fully replace volume loss but also may reverse tissue decay and alter cellular aging.
Creative filler treatmentsThere are dozens of creative, off-label ways to use fillers, now that filler safety and efficacy are established, according to Justin Harper, M.D., who recently presented at the 2018 Medical Spa Show.
Yoga for a younger faceCan facial exercises really improve tone, firmness and shape?
Future HA filler alternative?Human placental tissue allograft could be the next hyaluronic acid filler alternative for aesthetic patients.
Hyaluronic acid for nipple projection?While it could present long-term problems for many patients, HA fillers could be an ideal option for restoring 3-dimensional contour of the nipple-areola complex for surgical breast reconstruction patients.
Botox injections reimagined
Botox injections reimaginedFuture delivery instrument could change the botulinum toxin injection experience for providers and patients.