Aesthetic Lasers

Advancements in aesthetic techSyneron Candela recently announced the latest updates to their aesthetic technology line of products.
Skin tightening: Device search 101Four aesthetic physicians offer their advice for selecting the right skin tightening device to add to your practice.
How lasers rehabilitate trauma-related scarringThe very lasers that dermatologists have in their practices to treat wrinkles, acne scars and pigmented lesions have the power to rehabilitate the most disfiguring of burns and other scars. Learn more
Sciton Halo: The new hybrid laser
Sciton Halo: The new hybrid laserOne laser for multiple skin conditions that requires fewer treatments and little downtime.
Novel uses for lasers, energy-based devicesNovel uses for tried-and-true laser and energy-based technologies are improving the treatment of darker skin types and outcomes for a variety of skin conditions, according to a presentation by New York City-based dermatologist Roy G. Geronemus, M.D., and colleagues at yesterday’s American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery 2015 annual conference in Kissimmee, Fla.
How, why to start a laser practice
How, why to start a laser practiceLaser and light device treatments are infiltrating cosmetic and medical dermatology, causing many in the specialty to consider starting or growing laser practices. While the decision to go into the laser side of dermatology works out well for many, it can be a costly mistake for those who don’t do their homework, experts warn.
The skin and pregnancy: Physiological changes and dermatoses
The skin and pregnancy: Physiological changes and dermatosesThe hormonal and physical milieu of pregnancy precipitates many cutaneous skin changes, among them pigmentation and vascularity. All are considered normal during pregnancy and yet evoke a significant amount of patient anxiety.
The art of the sale
The art of the saleUnderstanding key elements of the sales process is key to managing treatment plans and expectations for many aesthetic procedures.
Establish brand to boost aesthetic practice progress
Establish brand to boost aesthetic practice progressFrom branding to business basics, the technology startup companies of Silicon Valley offer lessons for entrepreneurs including core aesthetic medicine specialists, an expert says.
Cosmetic surgery market predicted to double by 2017
Cosmetic surgery market predicted to double by 2017The market for cosmetic surgery, facial aesthetics and lasers is expected to almost double in size and to exceed $3 billion over the next seven years, according to iData Research, a pharmaceutical market research firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia, PRNewswire reports.